Embark on this enlightening journey with us

Discover Your Science: A Personalized Blueprint for Well-being

At Know Your Physio®, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey where you don’t just learn about health but truly Discover Your Science. Our 90-day group coaching program is meticulously crafted to unravel the mysteries of your unique physiology, guiding you toward a life of optimal health and performance.

Through Applied Physiology and cutting-edge Biometric Testing Methods, we eliminate decision-making fatigue and shield you from “health burnout”. Our approach is personalized, ensuring that every lifestyle intervention we recommend is tailored to your body’s unique needs.

Optimize Your Life with Our Group Coaching Program

Why Choose Know Your Physio®?

Our mission is simple yet profound: Optimize Your Life. By helping you understand and reverse engineer your biometrics, we empower you to make informed choices that lead to lasting well-being and peak performance. Rooted in authenticity, accessibility, and a commitment to your longevity, we stand by you as you redefine your identity through physiological intuition.

Invest in your health now,
invest in your healthcare later..

What's Included

2 weekly Live Group Calls
(+ recordings)

• 1 Education Call, 60 min, where we take you through our 90-day Program and core principles to get to Know Your Physiology for optimal health

• 1 Q&A Call, 30 min, where you will have time for the option to ask questions

Chat Support
(within 24 hours)

• Regular touchpoints with our support team help keep you accountable and motivated. We understand the importance of maintaining momentum, and our chat support is a key part of the framework that helps you stay on track to achieve optimal health.

Biometric Wearable Mastery

• In-depth Wearable Tech Training: Dive deep into the world of biometric wearables with our expert-led education sessions

• Learn how to interpret the data from your wearable device to make informed decisions about your health

Actionable Insights
& Summaries

• After each live group call, you will receive a detailed PDF summary that encapsulates the key points discussed.

Customized KYP Fitness on Trainerize

• Gain exclusive access to the KYP Fitness Program, meticulously designed within the Trainerize app. This innovative platform allows for a tailored fitness experience, adapting to your individual needs and wellness goals.

Elite High Performers Mastermind Access

• Join the ranks of elite performers by gaining access to our High Performers Mastermind Group. This is a curated community dedicated to those who are committed to achieving the highest levels of success.


Access to Monthly
Experts Live Q&A

• Each month, unlock the opportunity to interact live with world-renowned experts in the fields of optimal health, longevity, and human performance.

• This bonus feature provides you with front-row access to the minds shaping the future of wellness and peak performance.

Access to KYP Platform
(to be est’d.)

• The platform offers tailored content that aligns with your personal health objectives and learning style.

• This future bonus addition to our services offers an extensive curriculum designed to empower you with foundational understanding and bodily intuition.


Biomarker Analysis

• Biomarker analysis and complete guidance of either a) your blood lipids and cholesterol markers, inflammation, nutrients, minerals, liver, kidney, reproductive and metabolic hormones, and interpretation and/or b) coaching based on testing your gut health, food allergy, digestion, and parasitology.

Personalized Supplementation

• A completely created-for-you 3-6 months supplement formula based on your blood marker and suited to your needs and goals, containing exactly the nutrients in the right amount you’re lacking, giving you the precision support you need to feel your best.

Custom Training Program

• A custom training program designed by KYP experts, delivered via Trainerize. Receive daily workout routines in-app with photo and video instructions, leaving zero guesswork. Track progress with ease, communicate with our team in-app, and receive monthly updates to your program.

Custom Nutrition Plan

• A complete nutrition plan with supplementation suited to your needs and goals, printable grocery shopping lists, and total personalization based on your preferences and bloodwork results.

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