Empowering the 1.2 Billion People Affected by Diabetes

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Empowering the 1.2 Billion People Affected by Diabetes

In this riveting episode of “Know Your Physio,” we’re joined by none other than Phil Southerland, a global ambassador for diabetes who has dedicated his life to reshaping the perception of living with the condition. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk, an all-diabetes pro cycling team, and President and Founder of the Team Type 1 Foundation, Phil’s inspirational journey from early diagnosis to professional cyclist and relentless advocate is a testament to his resilience and determination.

Phil and I delve deep into the science of diabetes, uncovering the complex interactions between insulin, glucose, and ketones, and how a proper understanding of these can be leveraged to improve the lives of those affected by diabetes. We explore Phil’s personal experience with exogenous ketones, his innovative work with drugs like SGLT2, and the publication of research about pre-exercise food ingestion and reactive hypoglycemia. We also discuss Phil’s game-changing techniques in managing diabetes through exercise, specifically his insights into cycling and how it has saved his health.

Additionally, we touch on Phil’s global mission to educate and empower the 1.2 billion people affected by diabetes, his collaborations with organizations like the United Nations and Novo Nordisk, and the amazing achievements of Team Novo Nordisk on the race track. The episode is packed with valuable insights, research, and personal stories, providing listeners with practical strategies and inspiration to redefine what living with diabetes means. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, someone living with diabetes, or simply interested in health and fitness, this episode promises to engage, enlighten, and motivate.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Glucose management is essential. [00:00:00]
  • Helping others overcome obstacles. [00:05:12]
  • Diabetes should not limit athletes. [00:10:20]
  • Exercise improves metabolic health. [00:15:27]
  • Optimize glucose for better health. [00:23:03]
  • Glucose management is a game. [00:31:02]
  • Understanding glucose language improves health. [00:31:12]
  • Apollo neuro device improves stress response. [00:36:17]
  • Exercise for optimal metabolic health. [00:43:39]
  • Exercise is essential for mental health. [00:49:30]
  • Dream big and get moving. [00:52:22]
  • Glucose monitoring enhances athletic performance. [00:57:30]
  • Breathing techniques for better sleep. [01:03:27]
  • Breathing and ketones improve sleep. [01:06:15]
  • Ketones can enhance performance. [01:11:43]

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