AMA #2 with Parker Leiro: Recent Updates, The Power of Sleep, and Why Biohacking is for Everyone

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Know Your Physio
Know Your Physio
AMA #2 with Parker Leiro: Recent Updates, The Power of Sleep, and Why Biohacking is for Everyone

Today’s guest is a health optimization consultant for world-class leaders, athletes, and professionals and your faithful host, Andrés Preschel! In this Ask Me Anything episode, Andrés answers a series of listener-submitted questions posed by his partner in life and love, Parker Leiro (AKA The Rolling Sloan). Join us for an honest, transparent, and self-reflective conversation about the importance of prioritizing where we choose to spend our energy, why good-quality sleep is the foundation for everything else we do, and why Andrés believes that biohacking should be accessible to everyone, not just an elite few. Tuning in, you’ll also gain some insight into the surprisingly simple things that will change your health for the better and the books that can help you build good habits, find long-term happiness, and use your biggest challenges as a training ground for greatness, plus so much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Where Andrés is choosing to focus his time and energy these days. [04:55]
  • Why learning to say no is one of Andrés’ biggest takeaways from the past year. [09:07]
  • Ways that men can counteract the dip in testosterone that comes with modern life. [10:06]
  • Reflections on biohacking and why Andrés believes it should be more accessible. [14:38]
  • What the Health Optimisation Summit does better than other biohacking events. [19:46]
  • 10 things that will change your health, including sleep, sunlight, and more! [22:00]
  • What Ben Greenfield can teach us about the benefits of walking every day. [30:42]
  • How a “No Social Media Sunday” can help you replenish your dopamine levels. [31:45]
  • Insight into the masterclass on sleep that Andrés is launching soon. [34:55]
  • Recommended reads from the past year and how to join Andrés’ book club. [35:43]
  • Advice for getting “out of the matrix” and starting your own business. [38:23]
  • A recent challenge Andrés overcame and what it taught him about accountability. [42:28]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Blue Cannatine

Health Optimisation Summit

Ra Optics

Ben Greenfield

One Sec App

Atomic Habits

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The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant

Chop Wood Carry Water

Commit Action

DRYM Health

The Rolling Sloan

Parker Sloan Leiro on Instagram

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Andrés Preschel

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